Wednesday, 6 January 2010

To A Special Friend

I promised that in 2010 I wouldn't miss anyone's birthday.  Last year was a disaster in this sense as I missed so many birthdays I'm surprised I've any friends left.  Luckily, no-one held it against me (us) and, so, this year I have set myself a goal of hand-made cards for everyone, made well in advance so that they're ready at the appropriate time.  Of course, this also means that I have an excuse to spend many hours card making (giggles gleefully) - although since when did we crafters need much excuse?

My BFF celebrates her birthday at the end of January so I'm ahead of myself already because her card is already made!

It is, of course, another Mo - who wouldn't love to receive a bit of Bella and Bronte? 

Image:  'Bronte Wants It Now', Mo's Digital Pencil
Papers:  Cosmo Cricket, 'Early Bird' range, 'Apron Strings' and reverse of 'Farmer's Market'

I'm really pleased with this one and I know BFF will be too.  Hopefully, it will let her know how special she is.

And there's more!  Youngest Nephew (brother of Oldest Nephew who received 'Paul Texting') will be celebrating his birthday in March and I just had to colour 'Video Boy' for him.  Just as Oldest Nephew is surgically attached to his MP3 and 'phone, Youngest Nephew just loves his games and 'Video Boy' will so hit the spot.

I had the idea of using the gaming pad buttons in the layout and I had some suede brads that were the perfect colours.  I layered the brads with crystal glaze (two layers to give some real depth) and found I had this amazing paper just waiting to be used.  Again, this card almost made itself!

Image:  'Video Boy', Mo's Digital Pencil
Paper: Dream Street Papers, 'Mod Posy - Larkspur' (reverse)

Okay, still not found my mojo for my parents' project so off to watch 'This Morning' before getting ready for work.

As Oldest Nephew would say - "CU L8R" (!!!)

Happy crafting

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