Thursday, 28 January 2010

Ain't She Sweet?

Well, it's been a strange day. I tried to do some housework but that wasn't particularly successful as my hands began to hurt again.  I'm a little worried about going back to work next week if the latest potion hasn't kicked in by then.  I'm bound to be really busy, having been off for a few days, but will my poor hands be up to the job? We'll have to wait and see.

Had a little play with my beautiful Copics - not quite ready to show the world yet but it's definitely getting there.  It's very exciting and I'm already planning my next colours!  I've requested money from anyone who wants to give me a birthday present - I've asked my OH to make sure that everybody knows why I've asked for this, though, so that they can see that I've something special in mind.  I'm still getting over the wonderful surprise - my OH is sooooo thoughtful.

I've also worked a little on my card for Mo's challenge this week - I'll post it tomorrow.  It's another really challenging one, actually: it's all in shades of grey and I've never done monochrome before. Hope she turns out okay.

So, today's card is for a sweet friend's birthday. 

Image:  Mo's Digital Pencil, 'Sophie'
Papers: This is another digital set: Michelle Martin, 'Tasia' available from Designer Digitals. 

The photograph is another of the batch I took the other day, when there was just too much light for the camera (and my simple photography skills) to cope with.  Therefore, the colours aren't quite correct: the dark colours are actually a beautiful dark olive green, not charcoal or black.  I picked up the 'halo' colour from the touch of pale mustard in the first backing paper.  Then finished it all off with a bit of stitching and some beautiful pink satin ribbon.  I'm really pleased this one and I think that these special hugs are just was our friend needs for her birthday.  After all, you can never have too many hugs, can you?

Well, I'm off to put my feet up.  I'm really tired tonight and I've got to get myself better so that I can get back to work next week.

Happy crafting.

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  1. She sure is sweet! What a nice colours! Beuatiful card!


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