Sunday, 31 January 2010

Fun and Funky

Well, what a day!  I'm up late tonight because I can't sleep - no reason, just not tired, although I should be.  We went to see Daughter at uni today - and then to see friends on the way home, so it was a hectic 12 hours today, but very worth it.  Daughter looks soooo happy and settled.  It was lovely to see her and to know that we could leave without worrying (too much!) about her until the next time. She is positively blooming - and I'm sure an appropriate card will be winging her way shortly.

Anyhooo, we stopped off to see A and J on the way home, to deliver A's present and birthday card, which was, of course, Mo's wonderful chihuahua, Spike. Thankfully (although I think there was little doubt, really), A really loved the card and I'm really pleased I decided to go with Mo's delightful image. Kersley, the puppy that inspired the card, has grown and is now about nine inches high and cuter than ever.

I had an interesting conversation with my Mum yesterday.  She is also a card maker but seems to have misplaced her mojo at present.  Mum naturally leans towards subtle tones and lightly patterned papers and would love to be able to use bolder, brighter ones.  I said I also struggled with this until I started blog hopping and saw how others were using bold patterns and bright colours successfully.  I'm now a lot more confident in my choices and, although I don't always get it right, I'm no longer worried about giving it a go.  That's what I love about Crafty Blogland: it is full of delightful inspiration, wonderful creations and huge talent, and this is responsible for me getting my mojo back, I'm sure.

So I showed Mum this card I had made, just to demonstrate that you can use bright patterned papers together, as long as you make sure there is some solid colour in there to break it up. Now, I'm not saying that mine is a brilliant example, but I think it gave Mum a few ideas to try.  I hope so - I'd love her to find her mojo again.

Image: Mo's Digital Pencil, 'Jordan Multi-tasking'
Papers: Michelle Martin, 'Aaron', available from Designer Digitals

I thought there was definitely an element of 'retail therapy' going on here, so that's the sentiment I used.

By breaking up the full-on patterns with co-ordinating solids, I think this is a fun and funky card with plenty of punch but not too much visual confusion. 

Well, I think may be I ought to think about bed - we're out again tomorrow and then it's back to work on Monday, in the hope that my hands are now well enough to cope with the mountains of typing I just know will be waiting for me!

Happy crafting.

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  1. Hi Peri,

    Wow stunning card, you definately succeeded in using bright and bold coulurs! I love it!



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