Monday, 18 January 2010

Oh Man!

A dear friend of ours, father of surrogate Nieces 1 and 2 and Nephew, will be a year older in February (he's older than me for a whole month! Yaaay!) and I wanted to make him a card.  Now, as we all know, man cards are not usually the easiest things for our mojos to contend with, are they?  And there are some men that are harder than others to cater for, for no other reason than the stuff that they like doesn't translate very well into a beautiful handmade creation.  And this is a case in point.  We love A dearly - he's a great friend - and I know he would appreciate any handmade card because he would know it was made with love, but ... well, I don't want him to think I've ignored the things he likes just because they are difficult.  So, I came up with this:

A is rather fond of Ferraris and this is the front end of a Ferrari F4 (apparently).  I normally wouldn't know what a Ferrari looked like, never mind what particular model it might be, but I thought I'd better be able to tell him exactly what it was!  I found a picture of the car on the web and used the same technique as I used for the pirate to make it into something I could use.  I then coloured it up as best I could (this is where Copics would have been such a boon) and stuck it to some chipboard to give it a  little substance.  I tried all sorts of layouts but this was the only one that seemed to work properly, although it is a bit empty, I feel.  The addition of the three red brads in the top right corner helps a little with this.  Then I tracked down the Ferrari font (Ferro Rosso - and used it for the sentiment. I'm actually quite pleased with the finished article and I know that A will appreciate the thought and effort that has gone into it.  So one man down, and several more to go throughout the year, unfortunately.  Maybe I should petition Mo Manning to draw more men as that would help immensely. 

Right, I'm going to put my feet up now - I'm not cooking tonight so I get to have a rest without feeling guilty.

Happy crafting.


  1. Great job! Coloring is wonderful (I don't have copics, either : ( --and I love that you tracked down the font to match the car! Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Sharon

  2. What a great card, I totally agree with you that cards for man are most of the time really difficult, but this one is absolutely gorgeous,I'm sure A will appreciate all your efforts! Have a nice evening!


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