Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Earlier today, the postman brought a package for my OH.  I popped it in the room for OH to look at later. Just as I was finishing my last post, my darling OH came in from work and gave me the package - and in it were COPICS!  I HAVE COPICS! DID YOU HEAR? I HAVE COPICS!

Instead of making me wait for my birthday, OH said that I deserved them because I'm not well at the moment and can't do much else than colour.  How sweet is that - I so love my OH.

Just had to share - I'm now going to try and eat dinner before having my first go!  Don't I just have the best OH in the whole wide world!?

Happy crafting
(with the COPICS!)


  1. What a lovely thought. Looking forward to see what you create with them. :)x

  2. 1) Oh wow you didn't tell me this! OH is definately a special one, Ma! :D and
    2) On the other hand I feel rather sorry for OH! What with me gone and all it must just be one big craft centre! Tell me you're spending time with OH and that OH won't have drowned by the time I see you both! Happy Crafting, Ma!!!!

    Love you xx


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