Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Sneaky Peek

I couldn't hold it in any longer - I have to show you a birthday card I made recently for a dear friend.  Her birthday is coming up next week and I know I should wait, really, before posting it, but I don't think she reads my blog and I'm soooo pleased with it.

Brief background: our friend had two Dachsunds, Tyler and Dylan.  Unfortunately, whilst we were in Australia, Dylan had to be put down, leaving Tyler pining for his companion.  We didn't know about this and Dear Friend (A) and her partner (J) had asked my Mum not to tell us when we called.  We came home and I was ill with flu, so it was some time before A and J could visit us.  We still didn't know about Dylan, as they didn't want to break the news on the 'phone and, unbeknown to us, they had a little surprise for us.  So, when I was finally well enough to have visitors, A and J arrived to see us and told us the sad news.  They had left Tyler in the car (on the pretext I may not be able to cope with a doggy, poorly as I was) but that's no place for a sweet doggy to stay so J was despatched to bring him in.  In waddled Tyler and J followed, with the sweetest, tiniest little pup you have ever seen.  Kersley (puppy's name) is a Chihuahua/Dachsund cross, and he has a scruffy coat -  the cutest little scrap, bless him.  So, A's birthday card just had to be:

Image:  Mo's Digital Pencil, 'Spike/It's All in the Accessories'
Papers: Cloud 9

(Giggles, lots) I think he is brilliant (no modesty here!).  I just had to use Mo's title as the sentiment - A is always buying 'accessories' for the doggies and this just made me giggle out loud.

I've managed to capture his scruffy coat - which I'm really thrilled about - and his colouring too.  I know she and J will both love this card and I'm bursting to see what they think.

Hope you like.

Happy crafting

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