Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I Need One of Those

Umph! 'Snot fair! In fact, I feel a bit like Mo's Two Jill at the moment:

I'm having a moment, just like Jill, and I feel certain that, before too long, I shall stamp my feet and throw myself on the floor, wailing!  And what, you may ask, has brought on this paddy? Simply that I want more crafty stuff - papers and punches and pens and trinkets and tools and, basically, more of anything that I can use to make my cards more sumptious than they are.  Now, don't get me wrong - I'm not doing that false modesty stuff and expecting you all to comment how beautiful my creations already are and no amount of new stuff will change my inherently awesome craftiness (giggles) - though, of course, if you feel moved to share such sentiments, then don't let me put you off (giggles more).  But have you ever blog hopped and thought, 'If I just had a ...... then my cards would be as beautiful as hers'?  My mojo is taking a battering as I look at all the wonderful examples I have found on my favourite blogs and I can't understand it, because I've had some amazing comments from some really talented people over the last few weeks, so surely I should be gaining confidence by now.  And, in truth, I'm very happy with the cards I'm producing but .... Ha! there it is again - umph!

As my birthday is not too far away,  I've decided I should put together a wishlist so that my darling family and friends can see all the stuff I need (and it is need, not want, you understand) to make my crafting life a happy one.  Problem is, at the moment the list is soooo long and I can't decide what should go at the top because, of course, the ones at the top are the ones that everyone will think are the most important and ..... see, it's sooo difficult, isn't it?

I know that I need (notice, need again) some Copics (ah! there's the top of my list!); a couple more Martha Stewart edge punches; some more papers (Cosmo, I love ya!); some embellishments (but I'd have to choose my own); some ribbon (ditto); a few more Nestabilities (well, Spellbinders in general); more paper (yes, I did mean to add it twice!); and .... 

To be honest, when I'm not in Umph-mode, I know I can happily manage without anything more than I've already got, for at least another few months, anyway. It's just a moment, a fleeting instance of covetousness, and I shall go home tonight, pull out my stash and be perfectly happy again.  Aaah, see, even my rant has helped me become umph-less.

Just FYI, the title of this post comes from a lovely moment we saw at Christmas, a couple of years ago.  We were out shopping and seemed to be following a little boy and his mother around the shop.  The little chap was wide-eyed at all the exciting things in the store but he was being so good and not pestering mum for anything.  Then, all of a sudden, he stopped in front of a particular item (can't remember what it was but I don't think it was anything large or expensive) and looking at his mum with his little boy eyes, in his little boy voice (so cute), he exclaimed:

"Mum, I neeeeeeed one of these".

It still makes us giggle and it has become something of a catch phrase in our house, for those moments when the grown up in you knows that you want it but the child in you just neeeeeds it so much.

No card today, dear Bloglanders, as I've not had chance to photograph the latest ones this week. 
I've got a couple ready to post from the past couple of weeks, but I'm a bit worried that the recipients might sneak a peak.  Anyway, thanks for 'listening' - I shall get back to work and stop looking at my favourite blogs and my 'Umph' will go back in the cupboard until another day.

Happy crafting

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  1. I so recognise your story! There is just too much to but and you all neeeeeeeeeeeeeed it!
    Best regards, Gemma


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